We make beautiful science and this is what it looks like

GFAP+ astroglia (green) and Iba1+ (red) microglia in periventricular white matter
Credits: Veena Supramaniam and Regina Vontell 

Tract density imaging in the neonatal brain
Credits: Serena Counsell and Donald Tournier

Betweeness-centrality of cortico-cortical connections in a preterm infant 
at term equivalent age
Credits: Gareth Ball et al. Publication in Cortex 2012 (PMID 22959979)

 Gene co-expression network from mouse subplate tissue at E15.5, E18 and P8.
Credits: Hoerder-Suabedissen et al. Publication in PNAS 2013 (in press)

Structural connectivity networks in preterm infants at 2 years.
 Credits: Pandit et al. PAS 2012

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